An Invitation to Integrated Kabbalistic healing:

tending to the foundations of conscious living

Kabbalistic Healers at Ruscombe

"Ben Azzai said:
You will be called by your name,
you will be seated in your place,
you will be given what is yours.
No one touches what is meant for one’s fellow.
No kingdom touches its neighbor by so much as a hairsbreadth.”

(Yoma 38a-b)


If you long to understand and serve your singular purpose in life, to live from your innate wisdom and see it flourish amidst your daily activities…
consider pursuing open-hearted inquiry based in the Jewish wisdom tradition.

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Open-hearted inquiry

Whether your focus is on physical health, emotional challenge, engagement with the world, or spiritual ripening, embarking on a journey of self-discovery may arouse both anticipation and fear: 
what must I accept?  what must I give up?
Only what is needed for you to become more and more yourself.

Honesty and kindness teach and guide us on this journey
Pursuing inquiry together, we become not perfect but honest.
Pursuing inquiry together, we honor healthy boundaries and the full humanity that client and guide each bring to the process. Healthy intimacy flourishes.
Living your questions, you cultivate a steadfast integrity. You grow strong, flexible, and kind. Your words and actions spring forth from self-knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

This work may be pursued on its own or in combination with the use of herbs, depending on your goals and needs. Sara has been a student of kabbalistic learning for over thirty years. She is a graduate of A Society of Souls, a three-year professional training program in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing developed by Jason Shulman.


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